Organics & Sound

Connecting sustainably grown food, art and community

Chef Njathi Kabui is an organic urban farmer and chef, currently living in Durham, North Carolina, USA. He immigrated from Nairobi, Kenya and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and philosophy and a master’s in medical anthropology and urban studies. His family in Africa are coffee farmers and his father is a businessman. His work includes promoting health education and local enterprise.

Organics & Sound

© Meri Hyoky Photography

Kabui spent much of his childhood working in the coffee fields of Kenya’s Central Province. That experience helped shape his ideas about food access and food security for his family and the larger community. He learned that everyone should have the means to eat, but discrimination based on class, race and even gender can be obstacles to food justice.

Chef Kabui’s garden in Durham might seem unconventional, but it certainly shatters the notion that you need a lot of ground and fancy equipment to be a successful gardener. He is deeply concerned about preservation of the environment of his adopted state, and has become an ambassador for sustainable gardening, spreading good cheer, good food and his vast knowledge of organic gardening.

Organics & Sound

© Meri Hyoky Photography

Last year, Kabui started a sustainable food catering company called Organics and Sound. He prepares farm fresh dinners in exchange for donations to support his goals: to create community gardens in both North Carolina and Kenya and educate people about sustainable food.

Organics & Sound provides a unique blend of education on healthier dietary options highlighted by dining events that combine food and music to connect sustainably grown local food, art and community. Each dinner also features musicians and/or poets of different genres and backgrounds.

For more information on Organics & Sound, visit or email Chef Kabui.


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