Life through the lens – Flava of Africa in North Carolina

Flava of Africa photographer Meri Hyöky has spent the past four months in North Carolina, USA and is exhibiting her photography with Chefs Kabui and Jen providing African flavas! 

Sunday, September 15 at 7pm

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute

Chapel Hill, NC

Join us for a journey across continents on a path to discovering the connection between people, art, food, and activism.

A fusion evening of photography by Meri Hyöky with African flavours featuring Chef Kabui (Organics & Sounds) and Chef Jen Curtis (Chef Warren’s) with music by Laila Nur.

Limited tickets – $50 incl. dinner and gallery viewing (with q&a)

Purchase tickets at

Questions? Call 910-691-4422 or email

Pickards Meadow Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Meri Hyöky Photography | |


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