Da Flava of Africa – Flava of MACUFE

As the epitome of cultural celebration in Lesotho, it imperative that cultural food is also the focus of such an event as the Morija Arts and Cultural Festival. In the past year though there has been very little or no inclusion of cultural food in the celebration of Basotho culture. Da Flava of Africa will contribute towards enriching the festival with a number of activities focusing on food of all cultures, prominently Basotho Culture but also inclusive of other different cultures of people living in Lesotho most especially of African origin.

Date: During Morija Arts & Cultural Festival (September/October 2013)

For 3 days during Morija Arts & Cultural Festival


Day 1: Primary School Cultural Food Appreciation Outreach (with sponsorship from the likes of UN/WFP, we will prepare small portions of various Sesotho dishes to be accompanied by a small info sheet on the food), the target audience is the primary schools attending the cultural dance competitions.

Chef Ska Moteane will be in charge of the menu and food preparations, two or three local ladies will be hired to assist her with the cooking.

Additionally we will elicit the assistance of volunteers to assist with plating and serving

The food samples will be given to the young students free of charge in a bid to promote appreciation of Sesotho food.

Day 2: repeat of day one with our target audience now being high school kids.

Day 3: Da flava of Africa

A restaurant style set up serving food from various African cultures with most of it being local food

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